Covalent Announces $2.5M in Grants to the Consensys Builders Scale Program

13 Jun 2024

Covalent, the leading modular data infrastructure layer in Web3, is proud to announce a $2.5 million commitment in grants dedicated to advancing the Consensys ecosystem through the Consensys Scale Program. This substantial initiative underscores Covalent's mission to empower developers working with Linea and MetaMask, driving the creation of groundbreaking onchain applications.

“Consensys Scale supports leading dapps building on Linea and MetaMask with a range of bespoke support and benefits. Ecosystem partners like Covalent are part of this package and make important contributions to our builders”, says Alex Greinacher, Consensys Scale Program Lead.

In parallel, Consensys will make these grants directly available to high performing dApps that choose to deploy on Linea, its new L2 zkEVM.

“Supporting top Linea dapps with impactful partner benefits is a core part of our mission so builders are supported to grow their builders,” says Suzie Godlewski, Lead Partner Marketing for Linea.

This initiative not only highlights Covalent’s commitment to supporting the Web3 community but also demonstrates the vital role of structured data infrastructure in fostering innovation and growth within the blockchain space. With reaching over 300 million active wallets utilizing its extensive and comprehensive data services, Covalent’s grants aim to unlock new potentials for Consensys developers and builders.

Covalent recently added Arthur Hayes as strategic advisor to expand the network's direction in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Long-Term Data Availability.

Powering Innovation with Largest Reservoir of Structured Web3 Data

In the near future, MetaMask will also become much more developer-focused, and Consensys will integrate Covalent into instances where builders also need access to its data product suite. Covalent’s grant initiative will offer up to $25,000 USD in credits per project, enabling developers to access Covalent's robust data tools. These grants can be utilized to retrieve data from Linea, Ethereum, and over 225 other blockchain networks, enabling a wide range of applications.

We're thrilled to be supporting Consensys Scale and builders on Linea and MetaMask. This collaboration enhances our reach and empowers developers with robust and scalable access to structured data infrastructure to innovate and optimize their dapps,” said Ganesh Swami, CEO of Covalent.

The grants will target several key areas within Consensys notably:

  • Building on Linea: Supporting the world’s most innovative Web3 projects to deploy and grow on Linea, the Consensys zK-EVM
  • Access via MetaMask: Integration of the world’s most trusted Web3 wallet in great projects

Together, Covalent and Consensys are working with builders to enhance onchain infrastructure and dapps to help onboard the next billion users into Web3.

Grant Application and Developer Resources

Projects in the Consensys ecosystem can apply for the Covalent grants. In addition, the following resources provide more details on the grants and other benefits available to Consensys builders by checking out the Consensys Scale website.

About Covalent

Covalent is the leading modular data infrastructure layer that’s dedicated to solving major challenges in blockchain and AI. Covalent’s largest reservoir of structured, verifiable data augments decentralized training and inference, reducing the likelihood of manipulated or biased AI models.

Additionally, Covalent’s Ethereum Wayback Machine ensures decentralized access to Ethereum’s transaction data, keeping it secure. Trusted by over 3,000 leading organizations, Covalent powers AI, DeFi, GameFi, and other use cases with unfettered access to onchain data from over 225 blockchains and counting.

Learn about the EWM: Technical | Non-Technical

For more information, check out Covalent’s: Official Website | Twitter/X | Linktree

About Consensys

Consensys is the leading blockchain and Web3 software company, pioneering technological developments within the Web3 ecosystem since 2014. Through its product suite, including MetaMask, Infura, Linea, Diligence, and Phosphor, Consensys has become a trusted collaborator for users, creators, and developers. Consensys inspires and champions the builder instinct in everyone by making Web3 universally easy to use and develop on. To explore their products and solutions, visit Consensys.

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