Media Moves: Katy Koob Joins Dastan to Drive Decentralized Growth

4 Jun 2024

I had the chance to catch up with Katy Koob, the newly appointed Vice President of Revenue at Dastan, the parent company of Decrypt and Rug Radio. With a background in leading media sales teams and a passion for decentralized economies, Katy shares her vision for the future of media, the challenges of the current Web2 model, and how Web3 technologies can transform the industry.

Courtesy: Katy Koob

This appointment comes at a time when revenue-focused leadership roles, such as Chief Revenue Officers and Growth Marketers, are experiencing a surge in demand, as highlighted in LinkedIn's "LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise 2024" report. Dastan's decision to prioritize revenue optimization aligns with broader industry trends and reflects its commitment to staying ahead of the curve in an evolving market.

Q1: Congratulations on your new role at Dastan. Can you tell us about your journey and how it led you to this position?

Thank you! My journey has been in the brand partnerships world, both in traditional and digital media, where I worked my way up to VP West Coast at Refinery29. During my time there, I was instrumental in scaling the business through strategic partnerships, innovative digital monetization strategies and expanding the company’s market presence globally. I’ve always been passionate about technology and its potential to reimagine industries and shift audience behaviors. My interest in decentralized economies and blockchain is long standing, I’ve been an early crypto investor and Web3 advisor. My combination of traditional media experience and futurist passion for the next phase of the internet made the opportunity at Dastan a perfect fit.

Q2: What excites you the most about joining Dastan and working with brands like Decrypt and Rug Radio?

The most exciting aspect is the combination of two of the most powerful brands in the space (Rug Radio & Decrypt) revolutionizing the media industry. The traditional Web2 media model is broken, with big tech controlling data and distribution, it’s no longer sustainable for creators and publishers.

At Dastan, we’re building a decentralized media network that equitably benefits creators, consumers, publishers, and advertisers. Our innovative approach with blockchain and tokenized economies allows for a more equitable value exchange. I'm thrilled to be part of a company that's building a new model, and putting vitality back into digital media.

Q3: How do you see Web3 technologies transforming the media landscape?

Web3 is about ownership and the technologies have the potential to create a more transparent, efficient and mutually incentivized media ecosystem. By leveraging blockchain, we can ensure content creators are fairly compensated and have control over their creation and distribution. Tokenization enables new revenue streams and a direct relationship between creators and their audience. This transformation can break the monopoly of big tech and empower individuals, making the media industry more inclusive and sustainable.

Q4: Can you tell us more about Dastan’s Content+ and its impact on users?

Courtesy: Dastan

Content+ is an application designed to transform how users interact with digital content. With over 100 million users in our ecosystem, including Rug Radio, Decrypt news, GG, Scene, Emerge, Decrypt U, and Degen Alley, Content+ we’ll be incentivizing all players involved through tokenized engagement. It’s about creating a seamless, rewarding experience for our users while ensuring creators get their share of the value they generate. This is a crucial step in our journey to build the world’s largest decentralized media network.

Q5: What are your goals as the new Head of Revenue at Dastan?

My primary goal is to help steward in the next phase of media while driving our revenue strategies and enhancing monetization opportunities for brands, creators and audiences alike. I aim to build thoughtful, strategic partnerships with leading advertisers and ensure that our partners share in the value creation for their customers.

By leveraging my expertise and experience, I plan to solidify Dastan’s position as a leader in the Web3 media and creator economy sector, setting the new industry standard.

Q6: What message would you like to share with the readers of HackerNoon?

We’re at a pivotal moment in media where we need to reinvent, and with blockchain, the technology exists to do it. At Dastan, we’re building the new model. I encourage everyone to embrace the possibilities of Web3 and decentralized technologies. Together, we can create a more equitable, innovative, and sustainable media ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.