PGPT Token Now Public: PrivateAI Completes Funding Round

12 Jun 2024
  • PrivateAI Closes Strategic Round, Commences PGPT Trading On Public Markets, And Launches AI Crowdsourcing Platform To Make Breakthrough Life Extension Discoveries

PRIVATEAI (PRIVATEAI.COM), a decentralized AI protocol co-founded by the serial entrepreneur and Forbes 30 under 30 Global Angel Versetti and led by the former executives of Fantom, Filecoin, Dogecoin and Syscoin, announced successful raise of Strategic Round for its token PGPT, with lead investors including Charlie Hu of Bitlayer, DAO Maker, Gains Associates, Dextools Ventures, Connectico Capital, DOGE.ORG, Stone Block Association, 32 Ventures, Lunar Digital Assets, Pinnacle VC, Samara Asset Group, Snova Capital, Meezan Ventures. Immediately after closing the round, PrivateAI’s native token PGPT was launched on the centralized cryptocurrency exchange Bitget, where it debuted with a 500% daily gain in the first 24 hours of trading.

PrivateAI has also unveiled its AI-native distributed data platform that intends to build the world’s first domain-specific Large Language Model (LLM) for the longevity industry. Powered by the unique architecture of knowledge graphs that process and structure scientific and research data into logic and framework suitable for the machine learning industry, PrivateAI creates monetization opportunities and liquid markets for owners and producers of longevity-related datasets by rewarding them with its liquid and tradeable cryptocurrency PGPT. For companies building their own Generative AI, Large Language Models, and AI-powered data analytics, PrivateAI offers access to unique data from the collective scientific hive-mind and incubation services where a mix of capital and AI tech is employed to accelerate promising early-stage scientific projects. The ultimate goal of PrivateAI is to enable breakthrough discoveries in life extension, also known as longevity.

Knowledge Graphs give AI-powered systems the ability to understand the wider context of the data that is fed to the machines, enabling AI systems to develop critical thinking, context awareness, and semantic analysis. Importantly, knowledge graphs become living, perpetually updated, and expanded entities as a crowdsourcing community of scientists, researchers, and data providers expand the knowledge. The platform thus becomes the backend for such areas of longevity as AI-based drug discovery, personalized medicine, genomic research, and deep analysis of aging processes. The ultimate dream of Angel Versetti is to harness the collective scientific knowledge and research to enable people to live longer or even forever, which will be essential for humanity if it hopes to travel beyond the Solar system and colonize other planets.

“PrivateAI’s 60x oversubscribed public round followed by a 500% growth of PGPT on the first day of trading indicates there is a massive appetite for the more meaningful, transhumanistic applications of AI that help radically advance science. We are proud to pioneer use cases that others deemed to be impossible.” – said Angel Versetti after the launch.

PrivateAI is building collaborations with leading longevity-focused scientific research communities worldwide, having started discussions with the research communities at Oxford University, where Angel Versetti studied for an MSc in Evidence-Based Healthcare. PrivateAI also built partnerships with and Aging Research Drug Discovery (ARDD) scientific consortia focused on longevity.

Angel Versetti CC is available for further interviews.