Space and Time Opens New Doors for DeFi with Sub-Second ZK Prover, Proof of SQL

12 Jun 2024

Space and Time (SxT), a leading provider of verifiable compute solutions for AI and blockchain integration, has made a significant stride in advancing Web3 technology by releasing Proof of SQL, a high-performance zero-knowledge prover for processing data, under an open software license on GitHub. This groundbreaking development promises to revolutionize the way developers interact with onchain and offchain datasets, enabling the creation of more sophisticated DeFi protocols and data-driven smart contracts.

Proof of SQL is a novel zero-knowledge proof protocol developed by SxT that cryptographically ensures the accuracy of SQL database queries computed against untampered data. By leveraging this technology, developers can now compute over both onchain and offchain datasets in a trustless manner, proving the results back to their smart contracts in real-time during transactions. This capability opens up a wide range of possibilities for the next generation of DeFi applications.

Jay White, PhD, Co-Founder and Head of Research at SxT, and the inventor of the Proof of SQL protocol, expressed his enthusiasm for the release, stating, "Space and Time is thrilled to lead Web3 into a new era of data-driven smart contracts and the next generation of DeFi." He emphasized the significance of the sub-second zero-knowledge proofs pioneered by SxT, which enable smart contracts and AI agents to inquire about a chain's activity and offchain data, receiving trustless SQL query results onchain during a transaction without the need for lengthy proof times.

The release of Proof of SQL on GitHub follows a successful alpha testing period with a select group of SxT customers in August. The protocol's impressive performance has been demonstrated in recent benchmarks conducted by the SxT cryptography team, showcasing its ability to execute analytic queries over 100k-row tables in less than a second on a single GPU and aggregate millions of rows of indexed data within Ethereum block time on a single NVIDIA T4.

Compared to generalized zero-knowledge virtual machines (zkVMs) and co-processors, Proof of SQL offers a significantly more performant architecture for processing large volumes of data. While zkVMs provide an extensible solution for arbitrary computations, data processing can be slow to prove. Proof of SQL can be integrated with these zkVMs to provide verifiable source data for executing arbitrary code, making it a valuable addition to the zero-knowledge proof ecosystem.

Space and Time's decision to release Proof of SQL under an open software license demonstrates the company's commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation within the Web3 community. The company encourages and invites contributions from the community and other zero-knowledge proof engineering teams to collaborate on the repository. The prover can be integrated into any SQL database, centralized or decentralized, and is already being utilized by prominent Web3 apps, financial institutions, and enterprises.

Final Thoughts

The release of Proof of SQL marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Web3 technology, enabling developers to create more sophisticated and data-driven applications that leverage the security and transparency of blockchain networks. As the adoption of Web3 continues to grow, solutions like Proof of SQL will play a crucial role in unlocking the full potential of decentralized finance and other blockchain-based applications.

Space and Time's innovative approach to verifiable compute and their focus on bridging the gap between AI, blockchain, and enterprise use cases positions them as a key player in the future of Web3 development. With the release of Proof of SQL under an open software license, the company has taken a significant step towards democratizing access to cutting-edge zero-knowledge proof technology and empowering developers to build the next generation of data-driven smart contracts and DeFi protocols.

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