Why Choosing to Publish on HackerNoon First Matters

14 Jun 2024

Hey hackers!

If you’re a budding author looking for feedback and growing your personal brand, should you:

  1. Publish on an “anything-goes” website?

  2. Or one where your content will be edited and reviewed by an actual person?

The answer is of course B!

As you’re probably aware, HackerNoon is designed for technologists to read, write, and publish. We publish tons of stories every day, including reposts from other websites. But what if one were to publish on HackerNoon first and then republish their content elsewhere? Well, here’s why that might be a good idea...

1. Original Content Gets More Attention

For starters, HackerNoon greatly prioritizes original content that hasn’t been published elsewhere. That means, better publishing turn-around times; priority responses from editors; better distribution; and, of course, the chance to be featured on the homepage! Being on the homepage as a top story also grants your story auto-translation to 11 languages + wider distribution across the internet.

All of that is great, but there's something that makes publishing on HackerNoon even better:

2. Human First

HackerNoon isn’t where technologists come just to get published. It’s where they come to get validated. All stories submitted to HackerNoon go through a rigorous review by real, human editors who take your work from good to great. That means that once your content is published on HackerNoon, you will be redistributing the best version of your work to the rest of the internet.

Also, given that HackerNoon editors are very well versed in things like SEO, keyword curation, writing meta descriptions, as well as choosing the right image (or generating one for your article using AI), you have a higher chance of ranking on Google once you get published on HackerNoon.

3. High Domain Rating

HackerNoon has a much higher domain rating than some of the other publishing websites out there. According to AHREFS, our domain rating is at 88, a particularly high number:

This means that if two websites post similar articles targeting the same keyword, domain ranking could determine which article gets placed higher on Google, and which article gets more clicks and engagement.

By posting your articles on HackerNoon, you give yourself a higher chance of ranking on Google for competitive keywords, and your article greater chances to get more views, more social shares, more backlinks, and longer life on the first page of Google SERPs.

Here’s a post from a HackerNoon contributor detailing their experience posting the same content across multiple websites (spoiler: HackerNoon absolutely crushed it for them!).


So if you’re sitting on content, and getting ready to publish, we hope these tips will help sway you in the direction of HackerNoon, instead of the other way around ;-)

And before you go…

Here is a repository of writing templates you can use to write your next HackerNoon Top Story, in case you’re looking for ideas.

Better yet, HackerNoon is currently running the #blockchain-api Writing Contest, offering contributors the chance to win cash prizes! We’ve included a starter template pack to help you generate a solid entry for the competition.

We’re looking forward to your submissions!